AMSCO Co. ​ is specialized in the supply, installation and maintenance of all types of vertical elevator, escalator, moving walk, firefighting systems and Fire Control Systems. We are also maintaining a large amount of spare parts in our warehouses, to cater the elevators and moving systems units under our maintenance portfolio.


Advanced Materials Systems Co. - AMSCO
AMSCO Co. was established in 2014 as a result of a partnership between group of Companies with a market segment covers private, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors. Our experienced team of engineers and skilled technicians give us the professional work force necessary to execute an outstanding work to the entire customer satisfaction. We offer our valued customers comprehensive maintenance schemes in which we undertake to maintain the equipment inclusive of replacement of spare parts and attend any emergency callback 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Website : www.amsco.co
MAYYAZ Prefabricated Buildings, intends to replace the conventional construction methodologies by introducing a revolutionary construction technology with faster constructing structures which utilize Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structure frames with using double sided sandwich panel with fire retardant FRP as outer skin and Fire Proof Calcium Silicate Board (CSBs) as inner skin and high-density PUF insulation, which are indistinguishable from homes and buildings built using conventional materials and techniques. 
Alismail Contracting - ACC takes pride in the fact that the services we perform are of the highest professional quality and are produced and delivered on time and within budget. Although we have the knowledge and experience to handle large, complex projects, smaller projects receive the same level of energy and effort.
Alismail Contracting - ACC established in 2008 to provide a range of high-quality specialized construction services. ACC are uniquely qualified to work on all kinds of specialized construction with the expertise to work with unusual and complex projects.
Alismail Contracting - ACC
 Many manufacturing facilities allow Parsol® to maintain the leadership in this field. In the same time,Parsol® delivers solutions to meet the client’s needs in project basis. Since it is supported by the long journey of excellence achieved in the previous years,Parsol®is in a position to be able to complete projects in high standards of time, quality and cost.
Website : www.parsol.net
Parsol®is the market Leader in partitions & wall solutions Products Development. It is the trading arm for a manufacturing group of companies working in the market for the last 42 years.
Partition Solutions Trading - Parsol®

Website : www.Mayyaz.com
Mayyaz Prefabricated Buildings Company - Mayyaz

MAYYAZ Prefabricated Buildings, provide turnkey service solutions to remote sites by providing products that completely waterproof and fire retardant. 
Alismail Group founded in 1972, Headquartered (Alismail Industrial Complex) in 1st industrial City, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 
Alismail Group is the leader in high-quality specialized construction services, prefabricated buildings, building materials & furniture.
Alismail Office System - AOS  a member of Alismail Group.
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