Our commitment to sustainable development is also recognized in our industry. For all these reasons, we take great pride in presenting Alismail Office System to society, an industry leader and a contributor to the economic and social development of our communities — through its products, its success and its responsible vision.
ALISMAIL OFFICE SYSTEM - AOS is one of the pioneers in manufacturing & fabricating of steel furniture in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ALISMAIL also strive to maintain a quality work environment, which has a direct impact on the retention and productivity of our skilled employees. ALISMAIL is a model of excellence whose entrepreneurial performance and vitality have been rewarded with numerous prestigious awards.
In 1972, the company began operations in a modest factory in Dammam, years later,  ALISMAIL has become a major manufacturing company due to the remarkable growth it experienced from the start, nowadays Alismail Office System is now considered one of the biggest and more advanced company, and leader in producing top of the line and quality Steel Furniture.
Who we are