About Us

ALISMAIL INDUSTRIAL CO. - AIC is a pioneer in the manufacturing of project furniture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Founded in 1972, the company began its journey in a modest factory in Dammam. Over the years, ALISMAIL has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into a major manufacturing company.

Today, Alismail Industrial Co. is recognized as one of the largest and most advanced companies in the industry, leading in the production of top-quality project furniture.

ALISMAIL is dedicated to maintaining a high-quality work environment, directly impacting the retention and productivity of its skilled employees. The company's excellence in entrepreneurial performance and vitality has been honored with numerous prestigious awards.

Our commitment to sustainable development is well-recognized in the industry. For all these reasons, we take great pride in presenting Alismail Industrial Co. as an industry leader and a significant contributor to the economic and social development of our communities—through its products, success, and responsible vision.