IRONMASTER® : Products for Office Environment . 
IRONCLAD® : Products for Industrial Environment .
IRONLAB® : Products for Laboratory Environment .

Alismail Office System has delivered successive achievements that have strengthened its reputation as a leader manufacturer in the furniture industry. In recognition of its continuous success, Alismail Office System has attained international prestigious certifications in management excellence and production quality, including: ISO Certificates: EN ISO 9001:2008
ALISMAIL OFFICE SYSTEM Core Strengths include: 
  1. Visionary business leaders.
  2. Vertical integration of operations from design through manufacturing and distribution.
  3. Advanced technologies and systems that streamline business processes.
  4. Design orientated and ability to respond to customer needs with well-designed products that offer innovative yet practical solutions for business.
  5. An enthusiastic team of professionals with a sense of pride and ownership in their work.
  6. Well trained Installation teams.
  7. High emphasis on customer service.
  8. An extensive sales and service structure worldwide. 
  9. The product lines are designed, engineered and manufactured to cover :