All products are painted with an electrostatic powder coat paint, ensuring a consistent, high quality, durable finish.
We only use the most advanced painting technologies.
Standard Colors :
PLEASE NOTE : The Color samples above are a representation only and may differ from actual color supplies
Powder Coating RAL 9005
Powder Coating RAL 7035
Powder Coating RAL 1015
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Single & Double Bunk Beds :

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Products Details :
  • All welded Pre-assembled with seams and joint welded.
  • All Parts are fabricated using prime, high-grade class I mild annealed, cold rolled steel sheet, free from buckle, loose imperfection.
  • Steel parts shall be thoroughly machine cleaned and chemically treated to protect against rust and corrosion to insure proper bonding of powder coating finish. Shall be given a heavy coat of high quality powder system to more uniform coverage. Shall be baked at 200 degree to assure a harder finish for longer usage. Interior parts are painted same color as outside.
  • (JIS G3141 – DIN 1623.1) Standard specification for cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip.
  • High-strength Low-Alloy with improves Formability 
  • Round handle for support.
  • ​Bended steel sheet for frame 50x30mm.
  • Square mesh 40x40x5mm.
  • Hollow tube legs & braces 50mm
  • Plastic cap at the end of leg.
  • Steel pipe at center 25x25mm for weight support.
Features and Benefits :
This bed is made of tube steel with high quality, and insulated against rust, and it is available horizontally with double bed and a ladder and a solid arm for comfort user of the upper bed.